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New Story: I forgot to post about this one. Miserable rainy day. I had my hands full and got to the car. I was just about to put my walker into the back when Tika's leash slipped out of my hand and off she went. Worst case scenario: If she ran to the front there was heavy traffic so I start following her. This is a struggle for me. The handle of her leash often within my reach and just as I got to the handle off she would go again. Finally she got caught in a small bush which was down a slope so I didn't know how I would get down there. After a real painful struggle I managed to reach her leash and get it loose. She looked up at me... knowing she was in trouble so I shook my finger and frowned. I was pretty upset with her. 
So yesterday she did the same thing but this time I already had put my walker into the back. I decided to take a chance because I remembered that she does not like to be away from me so I just sat there and waited. I think it was only 2 or 3 minutes and there she was... ready to jump into the car for our ride... *LOL* I am so glad that I was right 

I'm in a standoff. I am not able to take Tika out tonight and that is what she wants. 
She is doing everything she can to force it. I have to let her know who's boss! 
Have you ever noticed how sad their eyes look when they want something from you?

June 12 at 8:55 PM

My dog is a hypochondriac... She may have been feeling under the weather a bit but put on a HUGE act so I got all worried about her. Finally found a vet I could take her to. I spent 2 days of my time to find a vet and sitting and watching her closely. It cost $58.00 to find out that she is a healthy happy little girl who enjoys giving kisses to the Vet *LOL* and of course, I am happy that there is nothing wrong

June 16, 2018 · 

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with Tika. She was whining and begging to get up on me so I picked her up to put on my lap but that wasn't what she wanted as she jumped down. 
She kept up this kind of behaviour for awhile and I was starting to get annoyed then noticed she was jumping up at other places too.. I was starting to get worried when I saw it... a FLY!! 
She has been chasing it all night. I wish she would catch it as it is bugging me too.

September 21, 2018 · 

Tika Story She just loves the guy that works for the building. Whenever we go outside she watches for him. I had her outside today. I sit on my walker and let her run around me *LOL* So Phil comes out to bring the recycle cans back and sees her so sneaks up on her and she was so excited it was fun to see. But he had to go back to work taking the cans in so he had to go by about 5 times and she cried and barked at him to come back. Finally he finished up and came back. She let him come towards her and then she took off... it was a long time before she would come to him. I never knew they would "pout" *LMAO*


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